prefabricated insulations of pipes and fittings (high temperature)

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Prefabricated insulator for pipes and fittings with high temperature tolerance

This insulator is made of a polyethylene-based composite coating on various insulations, such as XPE crosslink (for low temperatures) and mineral fibers (for

high temperatures) or a combination of them.

This cover in different colors contains anti-UV, anti-bacterial, and fire resistant agents, and other additives, and the conventional thickness of its base insulation is 20 mm.

Depending on the circumstances and according to the order, the cover can be equipped with aluminum or fire resistant coatings.

This insulator is available in prefabricated form according to standards, in different pipe sizes and diameters, as well as for all available fittings. Their sealing system is based on welding, which, as a result, can be quickly and easily mounted, leading to overall and significant reduction of costs. Below are


the properties and benefits of prefabricated pipe and fittings insulations:

– Very high thermal resistance, thermal tolerance of 95ºC and higher according to the type of insulation

– Very easy installation of pipe and fittings insulation, due to pre-fabrication and welded sealing system

– Significant reductions in the costs of insulation, cover and payment for mounting the insulation of pipes and fittings

– Resistance to wear and the high durability of insulation and its prefabricated coating

– Very low water adsorption, strong insulation against moisture and corrosion

– Chemical resistance to oils, acids, petroleum products, bases and seawater

– Being fire-retardant, self-extinguishing or completely fire-proof

– There is no air gap between the insulator and the cover

– Higher strength and resistance against failure

– No need for any other cover

– Beautiful appearance


This product is used to insulate the pipes with diameters larger than 2 inches (at a temperature above 95ºC) at the facilities of various industries, petrochemical industries, engine rooms and powerhouses.

This product is also used to insulate tanks and reservoirs.

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