Self-adhesive anti-UV tubular insulator

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Self-adhesive anti-UV tubular insulator

The tubular XPE crosslink insulator with adhesive edges and special anti-UV covers is available in a variety of colors to insulate all kinds of fluid and water supply pipelines (d≥20 mm.

The conventional thickness of the insulator is 10 mm, which can be increased to 18 mm.

The specifications and benefits of the insulator are as follows:

– Resistant to sunlight, harmful rays and their corresponding wearing and corrosions

– Chemical resistance against oils, acids, petroleum products, bases and seawater

– Thermal tolerance up to 95ºC, very high thermal resistance

– Very low water absorption, strong insulation against moisture and corrosion

– Being fire-retardant and self-extinguishing

– Very high resiliency (compressive set) and dimensional stability

– Very high strength and resistance to failure

– Resistance to wear and high service life

– Strong adhesion with quick and easy installation

– No need for any other cover

– Being non-toxic and environmentally friendly

– Beautiful appearance


·In the construction industry: for the insulation of water supply and air conditioning pipelines

·Copper and steel pipes of various industries, split air conditioners, cold storage facilities, and cooling, heating and air conditioning systems

·In various industries

·This insulation can also be used after installation of the plants and plumbing

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