Polyethylene foam products

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Introduction and applications of various types of polyethylene foams made by Keyhan Foam

1. Polyethylene sheet foam

It is excellent for saving thermal and cooling energy and providing superior strength against moisture and water leakage, and electrical insulation. It is produced in thicknesses of 1-35 mm, widths of 100-220 cm and in various colors, which allows laminating a variety of printed films and metallized and aluminum sheets on polyfoams.



·Buildings: It is used as insulation between walls and floors, under the parquet as well as under the ceiling of the niches.

·Facilities: It is used for insulating tubes, air ducts and tanks.

·Agriculture: For bedding of water transfer channels, swimming pools, as well as covering of greenhouses to preserve moisture.

2. Foam of mattresses:

Foam of mattresses is produced in various thicknesses up to 150 mm (widths of 100-200 cm).



·Khoshkhab mattresses industries, clinical and hospital mattresses that are quite standard.

·Office furniture and equipment industries

·Gyms floors and sports grounds (mattresses of sport, martial arts, etc.)

3. Pipe foam

Tubular insulators of the size ranging from 16 mm to 40 mm produced in different colors. Because of its low heat transfer coefficient, the polyfoam pipe insulator is used instead of fiberglass to insulate the pipes.



·Insulation of cold and hot water pipes, gas and other facilities and reservoirs

·Avoiding energy dissipation, freezing and corrosion of the pipes

·Automotive industry

·Essential building facilities

4. Air bubbles:

·For packaging and packing

5. Polyethylene bars

6. Fenders:

– For transportation and packaging

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